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24 People Who Didn’t Get Just a Photo With a Celebrity But a Real Photobomb

Taking a photograph with a famous person is only halfway to success. It’s hard to get a really good picture, and a lot of people get extremely creative at moments like this, which is not always appropriate. Plus, celebrities themselves can do some weird things. Bright Side has collected some great examples of photobombs. We bet you haven’t seen any of these! 1. A perfect selfie with Bill Clinton © orochi/reddit.com…

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13 Preemie Babies Smiling Because They’re Happy To Be Alive

  Premature babies are babies born before 37 weeks. Some may think they're weaker and have little chance of surviving, but in reality, preemie babies are fighters. They are born already in the middle of a battle and they try their hardest to make it through. There is nothing sweeter than a baby's smile — except…

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8 Diseases That Can Be Cured By Making Love Everyday

<> <h1="title single-title entry-title">8 Diseases That Can Be Cured By Making Love Everyday </> <="post-single-content box mark-links entry-content"> <="thecontent"> We all know that sex has numerous mental and physical health benefits, but did you know that making love more often can treat some diseases and conditions as well? Sex can improve your circulation, digestion and…

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I Let My Husband Pick My Outfits For a Week

id="js-block-7915360"> If you ask your husband to look in the closet and pick your outfit, what do you think he will choose? A long red dress? A pair of jeans, sneakers, and a T-shirt? Or maybe a bikini? Bright Side invites you to look at the results of an interesting experiment where Colin had to create looks for his wife, Caitlyn, for a whole week. > id="js-block-7915410"> < src="https://files.brightside.me/files/news/part_33/333410/14257960-photo_2017-05-04_14-14-51-1493965629-650-04f9ebaa03-1494578413.jpg" width="650" height="487" border="0" data-social="https://files.brightside.me/files/news/part_33/333410/14257960-photo_2017-05-04_14-14-51-1493965629-650-04f9ebaa03-1494578413.jpg"…

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7 Things Every Woman Wants From a Man To Keep Her Happy

Being a guy, I’ve always been sort of intimidated whenever I’ve heard people say “you don’t know what women want”, “no one knows what women want”, “understanding women is like rocket science” and so on and so forth. I’ve always hated the generalization that women are hard to understand, women are just as easy to…

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6 Things You Can Do For Your Partner That Are More Intimate Than Sexx

Sex is NOT the most intimate thing in a relationship! A lot of times, people will limit their perceptions of physical intimacy with other people to that of what takes place in the bedroom. These people have to understand that physical intimacy shouldn’t be limited to some playful action underneath the sheets. Intimacy can manifest…

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